How To Prepare For NEET 2021

Are you aspiring for a career in the field of medicine? Then, it is sure that you are in the world of competition where you need to crack various medical entrance exams and cut through the competition that has a huge number of students waiting in the queue. The entrance or competitive medical exams simply imply the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET). As studying MBBS offers a promising career to the students along with featuring lot of opportunities, NEET is one of the most preferred entrance exams among the students. Due to the increased competition for the entrance exam any medical aspirant has hundreds of queries about how to prepare for NEET 2021. Here are some of the tips and tricks to help the students:

NEET 2021 Exam

The NEET 2021 Exam will be commenced in May 2021; hence if you go for a strategic approach then you have plenty of time for the preparation. In order to help you in this direction, let us discuss the strategies, which can help you for preparing and excelling in NEET 2021 one of the most competitive medical entrance examinations in India. We will offer you a good insight into some of the fruitful tips and tricks by which you can crack the entrance effectively.

The National Testing Agency or NTA conducts the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test every year for enrolling students into MBBS, BDS as well as many more courses in various medical colleges in India. Every year around 14 lakhs students all over India compete for 1 lakh seats, hence you can acknowledge the competition level and high- demand for getting the admission in these seats.


You have to divide your syllabus according to your study time, so that you can complete your syllabus on time as per your potential. Make sure your timetable for study should be a practical or rather say a doable one. The best way to achieve your goal is by assigning equivalent time to each and every subject. On the other hand, it is important to keep it in your mind that cracking NEET is not studying day and night, you should consider some time for recreational events. This helps you concentrate better and stay active for attaining the best potential when it comes to studies. While making a timetable for preparation go with the tough subjects and combine that with an easier subject so that your entire study session can be pleasurable and productive, along with increased level of concentration.

Go for excellent study materials

Study materials are equally important as time management is for any medical aspirant, for cracking any the medical entrance exam. You are advised to follow good study materials as well as authentic books from the best as well as renowned writers. It helps you in finding the best solutions to your queries and provides you in-depth knowledge.

You should take the advice from your mentors while buying study materials, on the other hand, go through your NCERT books while preparing for NEET entrance exam. Remember most of the questions in the entrance come directly from NCERT books. If you want to crack NEET 2021, then find the most important topics and revise them for a piece of in-depth knowledge. Bookmark the important questions and practice regularly.

Exercise mock tests regularly

Many of the students fail to crack the entrance exam as they are unable to manage the time properly. If you are not efficient enough, then probably you cannot attempt all the questions in a fixed time duration. Hence, if you attempt regular mock tests for enhancing your confidence, and you can figure out the best ways to attempt maximum questions and attain more score.

A mock test helps you in accessing your actual potential, performance, and also the demerits such that you can put extra effort to excel in the final exam. On the other hand, by taking a national level mock test you can get an idea of the effort you are putting in for the NEET exam as well as the position you are at compare to other candidates appearing for the mock test from across the country.

Know the Exam Pattern well

Apart from practicing and revise your syllabus, it is also crucial to know the exam pattern, which you are going to face in NEET 2021. If you are informed about the exam pattern, then it will be quite easy for you to comprehend the type of question, scoring procedure, total duration for the exam, and also practice time management skills.

You will face multiple-choice questions and you have a total of three hours in your hand, which is enough to decide your future. There will be a set of 180 questions from Physics, chemistry, and biology. You have to score the best out of 720 marks where for every correct answer you will be awarded 4 marks and for the wrong answers, -1 mark will be deducted from your attained score.

Focus on your weakness as well as low points

For preparing NEET you have to find out your weaknesses on different topics. If you able to point out the weaknesses and know how to overcome them, then there will be increased chances of your success. Hence, work on clearing concepts and give yourself time to practice extensively on the subjects which you think you are weak in.

You should practice few last year's test papers, and go through the topics based on the questions asked previously. Besides this, you need to take assistance from your mentors so that they can guide you in a better way to access your flaws.

Revise thoroughly and make short notes for NEET preparing

Revision is the key to succeed, as and when you get time, it is important that you revise the topics thoroughly and make them stay longer in your mind. When you revise the same topics over and over again not just they get stuck in your head better but also the time taken to cover the topics reduced significantly.

On the other hand, make short notes at the time of preparation, so that you can clear your exam efficiently. With the help of short notes, you can also enhance your memory power and might score really good in the NEET entrance exam.

Be positive and stay Confident

A positive mindset is highly essential at the time of preparation as well as while appearing for the exam. Being confident and positive can put a great impact on clearing the exam.

Do not endorse a negative attitude as it turns everything against you and makes it difficult for you to crack the NEET entrance exam and get good score. Think positively and let your brain works in achieving your defined goal. Besides this, be cautious and find the thin line between confidence and over-confidence. Being over-confident can even prove detrimental as this examination tends to have very closely related multiple choices for each question. And every wrong answer lead to negative marking as well. Hence it is advised to the students to have a right balance and an extremely motivated attitude in order to succeed in this examination.

Do not ignore your health

It is truly said that health is wealth; hence you should take care of your health properly. It is true that you have to go for an extra hour for revision or practice. But do not neglect your body and take short breaks during your study to retain the freshness. You can also intake juices and fruits as well as greens to revive yourself. Do not skip your meals at all, as healthy mind needs a healthy body to reside in.

Along with the above tips for preparing for NEET 2021, you should also focus on the below aspects cautiously. Try to achieve your target and every time aim for high goals, so that it can boost your zeal.

  • Clear your basics first, so that you can explore more
  • Focus on the NCERT text books and related study materials
  • Keep a systematic report on your mock tests
  • Revise all the topics at regular intervals
  • Time-management is highly essential alongside accuracy
  • Be calm and do not take any stress or tension for clearing NEET entrance exam

Cracking NEET 2021 is not an easy task for sure; it requires a systematic approach, focused plan and a definite mindset without any doubt about it. Here we have provided some of the best guidance on how to prepare for NEET 2021, which can be fruitful if you apply them accordingly. However it is always advised to the students that they prepare the strategies based on their own potential and it is not necessary to get influenced by anyone else; as each student is different.

The above tips will assist you in making a solid plan and can be a great add-on for your NEET preparation. You can also contact us for further queries by writing in the comment section.

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