Bashkir state medical university
Bashkir state medical university

Bashkir state medical university

About Bashkir state medical university

Bashkir state medical university is the largest medico-scientific research in Ufa, Russia that was established almost a century ago in the year 1909. This classic university of Russia is a renowned place for those who want to get the best medical education. This university is a center of medical as well as the pharmaceuticals Sciences. You as a medical student can get the best education here from the eminent professors who have been working the institute for years now. They are not just highly skilled in their respective fields, but also have the years of expertise, which is required to master their subjects.

Let us know the university better and more closely

The Bashkir state medical university has represented Russia in various national as well as international levels at various fields pertinent to the natural science. The University has a good amount of facilities for the students, which includesexcellent training faculties, technical resources to train the students in the best manner possible. This university as well as the people connected with the university be it the students of the university or the professors got benefited from the Summits like BRICS as well as SCO which took place in Ufa. Owing these Summits this region got a chance to get connected with the best places across the world. This in turn benefited in the transfer of knowledge along with giving the right exposure to the students as well as the trainers here.

About the exposure and the training one can get here at the Bashkir state medical university

More than 20 thousand people are given treatment here in the hospital annually, owing to the best facility, which the people are offered here. This huge number and the latest technology used help the students here to have the best exposure to the real life situations. Along with that, the senior doctors here help the students by explaining each of the cases in the best manner possible to prepare them for the future and impart them with the excellent knowledge.

A brief on the city Ufa and the students’ life in the Bashkir state medical university

Ufa is the capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. The city has some beautiful places to visit and the list is so long that you can have the best weekends, when you are in Russia. These places include fountain seven girls, victory Park, Ulfa arena and many more. Students get to have the best accommodation here in the five hostels that the college has. The huge hostels are spacious enough to accommodate more than 2000 students. Along with that, the hostels have kitchen, attached bathrooms, as well as toilets to make it more convenient for the students.


The hostels have all the best and the modern day facilities be it the Wi-Fi connections for every room, air conditioned rooms fully furnished and many more such facilities. Along with this, the cafeteria of these hostels has delicious food for students from all around the world. They even serve Indian foods for students who would love to have it. The TVs in the hostels have the channels for Hindi, English as well as Tamil languages. The security inside the premises is excellent making it secure for the students as well as those who live inside the campus of the University.

Bashkir State Medical University

Established In 1918 | MCI Approved | 7 Years English Medium | Suitable Climate for Indians

Authorised Admission Department For MBBS : +91-96 0604 6955

FEE STRUCTURE TOTAL FEE 1Year TOTAL FEE 2nd- 6th PER YEAR Grand Total (Total Expenses)
PER YEAR $6,550 $5,550 $34,300
The Above Fee Stucture Includes Tution Fee, Hostel Fee & Medical Insurance.
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