Georgian American University Georgia
Georgian American University Georgia

Georgian American University Georgia

Georgian American University, Georgia

Established in 2001,Georgian American University is authorised and accredited higher education institution located at Tbilisi,Georgia. The University offers a quality education of international level in which all the academic programs are set by the Ministry of Education and Science. The motto of the University is to provide great doctors with a free-spirit for the future. Georgian American University is a co-educational institute which emphasises upon the importance of good quality educationand has highly experienced and qualified faculty members.

FEATURES OF GAU Accreditation& Recognition:

Medical degree program of Georgian American University, Tbilisi is recognised by Medical Council of India (MCI) & WHO. Georgian American University is involved in the Bologna Process.

Ranking :

Georgian American University is ranked as follows:
Nationally: 19
Globally: 10165


From 2013, GAU has moved to a new campus location which is 6,000 sqm building containing large classrooms, a modern library/computer centre, café, gym, auditoriums and a theatre. This, together with expansive grounds creates a pleasant and productive academic environment. GAU is home to some research centres and institutions.


The university provides well-equipped hostels with basic needs and a secure environment. It also offers Indian food, especially for the Indian Students. The students are offered with a library, computer labs, information centre and medical facilities.

Student Life & Career Services:

The university provides the best academic experience for the students. Students from all over the world take admission in the University of different Nationalism and Cultures. Students get to know about each other’s cultures and customs. It focuses on fabricating student’s career by training them to acquire creative skills for their career. It builds a student’s personality and focuses on constructing them academically through theoretical as well as practical knowledge by providing them with various opportunities. The career services of the University are offering various internships and jobs to the students & graduates. The centre of student affairs promotes the arrangement of student clubs, encourages club activities and realization of students initiatives. It organizes events in order to ensure effervescent student life.


Undergraduate MD program at Georgian American University (GAU) is a 6 year (360 ECTS) medical program designed to meet the challenges of training competitive and highly qualified doctors for the 21st century. The goal of the MD program is to train and develop knowledgeable, competitive doctors committed to lifelong learning in accordance with international standards set by world federation for Medical Education. Teaching at Georgian American University for foreign students is in English. The faculty members are highly experienced and are very helpful.


Admission Process: Eligibility Criteria:

For admission into Georgian American University, a student should have cleared the NEET exam with qualifying marks. A student who wishes to take admission in Georgian American University must have scored at least 60% marks. A student needs to take a language test in order to obtain a visa to study in Georgia.

List of the required documents:

  • Copy of the passport;
  • High School Certificate ;
  • Application fee payment receipt;
  • Video Interview


  1. The cost of education for studying at Georgian American University is much more affordable compared to that of Indian Private Universities.
  2. The high quality of education at an affordable price makes it a perfect place to study medicine.
  3. The well-maintained law and order in Tbilisi makes it a safe place for students to study MBBS at Georgian American University.
  4. The education system of Georgia is highly efficient. It is proven by the high literacy of 91% in Georgia.
  5. The medical infrastructure of Georgian American University is state-of-the-art.
  6. The presence of students from different countries provides an Indian student exposure to various different cultures.
  7. The local people of Georgia are very welcoming towards the MBBS students of India.
  8. Georgian American University organises various student exchange programs with countries within as well as outside the European Union.
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