Kabardino Balkarian State University
Kabardino Balkarian State University

Kabardino Balkarian State University

About Kabardino-Balkarian State University

Kabardino-Balkaria State University (KBSU) is recognized as one of the leading MBBS universities in Russia that excels at fulfilling scientific, informational, instructive, and cultural duties. The Pedagogical Institute was established in 1932, which then led to the formation of KBSU in 1957 in Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkar. In its 87 years, the university has consistently produced more than 2000 graduates, doctors, and specialists each year. The efforts of KBSU at promoting science and scientific discoveries is depicted in its achievements, where the university received the Order of Friendship of Peoples in 1982. With a multi-level educational system, KBSU has ensured the development of its people and society through teaching scholars and making them qualified specialists who can then serve their nation. The university has also been training international or foreign students since 1966. More than 1500 international students have passed as professional specialists from the university.

Authenticity at Kabardino-Balkarian State University

  • The university is popular due to its authentic medical courses that enable the scholars learn effectively and become practitioners in their respective fields.
  • KSBU is accredited by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russian Federation.
  • The university has successfully trained more than 14,500 scholars and specialists in its lifetime.
  • KSBU comprises an infrastructure of several academic institutions that provide different levels of education including higher, secondary, graduate, post-graduate, doctoral studies, and other professional courses.
  • There are 12 faculties at the university along with 30 specialties. Apart from academic institutions, KBSU has an institute for training teachers and staff members, a regional center for ensuring the growth and development of teachers and students alike, and internship institute.
  • The university was awarded with the Certificate of Merit and Medal from State Duma on its 50th anniversary. The award was received due to its exceptional capability of training students who achieve high academic scores.
  • KSBU is listed in 100 best universities in Russia that provide MBBS education and other courses in science areas.
  • The university has 67 departments and 870 teachers and staff members who are well-accomplished in their specific research domains and subjects. The faculty members have set the record of training more than 6000 students in medical field.
  • The university has up-to-date equipment which is showcased by its position as the top classical MBBS universities in Russia.
  • There is an automated electronic library at the university. KBSU has more than 1.5 million storage units. Also, there are more than 980 computer equipment at the university.
  • As research is given paramount importance at KBSU, there are 8 councils in place to review doctoral dissertations in 17 specialties.
  • Scientific research is progressed at 33 science areas in KBSU which include human health, physics, physical chemistry, ecosystems etc.

Culture of Kabardino-Balkarian State University

At Kabardino-Balkarian State University, one of the priorities is to engage in international activities and promote internationalization of education. The purpose is to boost the image of KBSU in the research community and international information space, where the university can be recognized as a pioneer of modern and cultural education. For this, KBSU has constantly made attempts at collaborating with foreign bodies and various countries in the scientific and educational field for gaining mutual benefits. Successful partnership has been acquired with countries including Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and India. To build a conducive learning environment, the university organizes several events concerned with debates, workshops, conferences, and socio-cultural activities. There is a faculty of sports at KBSU that focuses on physical health and well-being of all students. The modernization of school education is facilitated by the teaching staff and administration of the university.

Why Kabardino-Balkarian State University?

  • Trained and highly-qualified staff: All the staff members have valid academic degrees, and the university ensures that a continuous learning environment is developed. For this, there is a training centre for teachers and educational workers that focuses on their retraining.
  • Less tuition fees: The tuition fee is affordable, and scholarship is also offered to the students.
  • Validated and authentic education: The university is competitive and one of the best among Russian universities. It is recognized for its authentic courses all over the world.
  • Easy admission process: The admission process for international students is not complex and tedious. The admission policy is based on entrance examination.

KabardinoBalkarian State University

Established In 1918 | MCI Approved | 6 Years English Medium | Suitable Climate for Indians

Authorised Admission Department For MBBS : +91-96 0604 6955

FEE STRUCTURE TOTAL FEE 1Year TOTAL FEE 2nd- 6th PER YEAR Grand Total (Total Expenses)
PER YEAR $4,700 $2,900 $19,200
The Above Fee Stucture Includes Tution Fee, Hostel Fee & Medical Insurance.
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