Kursk State Medical University
Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University

About Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) was established in 1935 in Kursk, one of the oldest Russian cities, and is now recognized to be a reputed and leading medical university in Russia. Using advanced and updated technologies, the university has successfully transformed the conventional methods of teaching for imparting quality education to students in the domain of medical sciences. KSMU acknowledges the need of proficient doctors facilitates educational processes that offer high practical training of doctors, pharmacists, and other specialists. Students across the world with different socio-cultural backgrounds are accepted and enrolled in KSMU to participate in educational programmes in different fields of medical sciences. Being one of the top universities in Russia, KSMU strives for sustainable growth with the vision of training and producing excelling doctors and specialists.


  • KSMU has developed an education system that promotes the transfer of practical and theoretical knowledge with the best utilization of resources.
  • The university has been awarded an order of Red Banner of Labour in 1985 for its contribution in providing high quality of education and promoting development in medical science and public health service.
  • Most students of KSMU graduate as doctors and serve their nations as socially significant professionals.
  • KSMU has improved the educational system with establishment of various laboratories with latest and advanced technology and equipment.
  • Several national and international scientific conferences and science forums are organized by KSMU to facilitate lifelong learning and higher exposure to the students.
  • Students of Kursk State Medical University are getting socially significant professions which are necessary to protect public health.
  • The festivals of different cultures are celebrated so as to encourage participation of all domestic and foreign students.
  • KSMU organizes different workshops on disaster management, water safety, and awareness on social issues
  • KSMU offers high support to people or students with disabilities.

Focus on Quality Education

KSMU offers professional education to students in different specialities ranging from general medicine, paediatrics, medical and preventive care, clinical psychology, social work, dentistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, and economics and company management in public health services. There are 12 facilities at KSMU and approximately 19 thousand students that are currently studying at the university under higher education programmes and vocational education systems. The university supports 70 departments along with an establishment of Training Simulation Centre (TSC). TSC provides training to medical university students with the vision to inculcate professional and practical competencies in the students.

The centre is accountable for implementing modern management system that introduces different activities, seminars, workshops, conferences, and educational sessions. The educational content and materials are improvised on the basis of latest research and achievements in different fields of science and technology, where a system of advanced training is acquired. Keen attention is given on the teaching methods for training foreign students for minimizing communication and cultural barriers. KSMU collaborates with health organizations, industries, social services, or employers to understand their expectations from the young graduates. Using the knowledge extracted from such collaboration, KSMU strives to improve the quality of its educational programmes, along with social and personal competencies of all students.


While KSMU has acquired a renowned status among Russian universities and health organizations, the below are few compelling points adding to the reputation of KSMU:

High employment opportunities: KSMU has established graduate employment centre that includes advanced training and retraining of specialists for increasing their professional competencies. Apart from KSMU’s placement programmes, the graduate employment centre assists in the employment of the students through skill development. This centrehas acquired the 1st position among the DTCs of medical universities of the Russian Federation.

High support for scientific research: KSMU promotes an environment of research by providing necessary resources to students, thereby assisting academicians in pursuing their scientific investigations.

Low cost tuition fee: KSMU provides scholarships to acquire talented students. Furthermore, the cost of education is affordable and reasonable for general population.

High student engagement: KSMU has established a student leisure infrastructure with different sports and cultural activities to engage more students. All students with different cultural and social backgrounds are brought together by such activities that further helps in the formation of their unique personalities.

Kursk State Medical University

Established In 1918 | MCI Approved | 6 Years English Medium | Suitable Climate for Indians

Authorised Admission Department For MBBS : +91-96 0604 6955

FEE STRUCTURE TOTAL FEE 1Year TOTAL FEE 2nd- 6th PER YEAR Grand Total (Total Expenses)
PER YEAR $5,980 $6,200 $36,980
The Above Fee Stucture Includes Tution Fee, Hostel Fee & Medical Insurance.
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