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North Kazakhstan State University

North Kazakhstan State University

About North Kazakhstan State University

North Kazakhstan State University, named for M. Kozybaev, in Petropavl, Kazakhstan, was established in 1937 by the Council of People’s Commissars of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic as the Petropavlovsk Teachers Training Institute. It is one of the oldest educational institution in the Republic of Kazakhstan with 77 years of its existence. It is today the leading multi-disciplinary institution of higher education of the North Kazakhstan Region. Lately it has become a large regional centre of education, science and culture being one of the best higher educational establishments of Kazakhstan. North Kazakhstan State University is located in Petropavlovsk. The people of Petropavlovsk are helpful towards the new entrants in the city. Some of the famous tourist attractions in Petropavlovsk are TriBrata for its natural beauty and volcano, Monument to Peter and Paul, Vulkanarium and Kamchatskiy Kamen.


QUALITY IN TEACHING - The quality of teaching at North Kazakhstan State University is very good, which is a result of the great efforts of the faculty members of North Kazakhstan State University. NKSU aims at preparing professionals and leaders who will contribute to the development of their country and the world by creating, accumulating and spreading knowledge. NKSU lays huge emphasis on the educational integrity of the institute.

RECOGNITION - NKSU is a medium-sized, coeducational higher education institution officially accredited andrecognised by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. NKSU is a collective member of the International Academy of Higher School and the International Association of Universities.

INTEGRATED AUTOMATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - NKSU pioneered the development and introduction of the integrated automated management system which connects all the departments and other services operating the teaching process at the University. The availability of local, multimedia and corporate computer nets connected to the World Wide Web through the University satellite dish provide access for both teachers and students to world achievements in education and science, training programs of world’s best universities.

INFRASTRUCTURE - In recent years, North-Kazakhstan state University maintained and expanded its infrastructure. Today it comprises of 10 educational buildings including specially equipped building of Military Chair, 5 hostels for a total of 1700 students, its own health and prophylactic centre, an observatory with a planetarium, out-of-town agro-biological station, sports and health-improvement camp, etc.

MBBS AT NORTH KAZAKHSTAN STATE UNIVERSITY - North Kazakhstan State University is recognised by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organisation. The MBBS course at North Kazakhstan State University is of five years. The medium of instruction for all foreign students is English. The duration of internship is one year. Each academic year at North Kazakhstan State University is divided into two semesters.


  • Completed intermediate education(12 years), equivalent to secondary education of the KR
  • 50% rating scores
  • Admission fee (is not returned on violation)
  • Paying capacity


  • Certificate of completed intermediate education
  • Academic reference from previous Higher Medical Institution
  • Admission fee (is not returned on violation)
  • Extract from order on expulsion from previous Higher Medical Institution
  • Certificate of Preparatory department
  • Passport with appropriate entry visa
  • Medical reference
  • Application form
  • 10 photographs


  • The cost of living in Kazakhstan is easily affordable for the MBBS students studying at NKSU.
  • North Kazakhstan State University is recognised by the Medical Council of India.
  • There are various students exchange programs organised for the students at North Kazakhstan State University.
  • Every year a number of students from different countries come to study at North Kazakhstan State University, which gives students the chance to know and get involved in different cultures.
  • The high quality education at North Kazakhstan State University is easily affordable.
  • The students need not appear for any medical entrance exam or language entrance exam.
  • The students’ social activities are organised according to the integrated system of educative work. There are two Students’ Amateur Theatres working for over 20 years, an exhibition hall, and a ballroom dancing hall with special facilities.
  • The university KVN (Club of Merry and Witty) team was in the National finals and the Ural Zone winner of the Supreme League of the International KVN Association. The university athletes compete successfully in various International and National sport tournaments.
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