The First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

About The First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

The First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, also referred to Saint Petersburg State Medical University (SPSMU), is the most reputed MBBS university in Russia. The university was established in 1897 and was primarily known as the Medical Institute for Women.

It was the first educational institute in Russia and Europe that offered MBBS education to women. After several modifications in the university’s name over the years, in 1994, it was renamed as Saint Petersburg State Medical University, named after I.P. Pavlov. In 2013, the university was again renamed to its current name, the First St. Petersburg State Medical University. It is a proud university that has provided the society with exceptional women scientists, some of whom are also profound members of the university academic staff.

University Highlights

First St. Petersburg State Medical University has approximately a staff of 800 well-qualified people. There are 69 different departments at the university that aim to offer quality education to all its students. For modern education and research work, the university has 56 research laboratories and several research institutes and clinics.

As the university was essentially developed to cater the needs of women aspirants, in 1916, doors were opened for male students as well. In 1908, one among the first X-ray rooms in Russia was inaugurated at the university as a symbol of keeping the university infrastructure equipped with latest technologies.

First St. Petersburg State Medical University has a huge infrastructure developed over 40000 square meters. The premises include hostels, 50 academic buildings, research centres and sports facility.

To promote clinical and practical education, the university has acquired several clinics and association with 43 hospitals in in St. Petersburg.

In 1918, Europe State Institute of Roentgenology-Radiology and Oncology was formed at the university. The university strives to maintain its reputation and develop with new branches to incorporate the teaching of diverse fields in MBBS or medical sciences.

Since its inception, the First St. Petersburg State Medical University has trained more than 58,000 specialists in different domains of medical sciences. Every year, approximately 5000 students pass out as proud graduates.

Foreign students are also accepted at the First St. Petersburg State Medical University where several international partnerships are maintained by the university. Mostly, the association and collaboration with foreign universities is carried out in 3 fields: patient care, education and research. Students from more than 50 universities enrol in the MBBS program of the university.

The First St. Petersburg State Medical University is one of the few higher medical institutes that has a polyclinic attached to it. The university is accredited by WHO and MCI that boosts its status as a medical institute that provides a high standard of education to all medical aspirants.

There are multi-levels of education provided to the scholars, where the university has organized exclusive trainings in the programs of higher education and post-graduate training.

Recognition of Women Scientists

  • Below are few of the women graduated from the First St. Petersburg State Medical University, who hold top designations at the university:
  • Anna AkimovnaSakhnovskaya: She was the first woman to work as a Professor in Medicine field.
  • Olga NikolaevnaPodvysotskaya: She was the first woman to acquire the rank of an Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Faculties at the First St. Petersburg State Medical University:

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Sports Medicine
  • Faculty of Adapted physical education Culture
  • Faculty of Paediatrics
  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology
  • Faculty for International student
  • Faculty of Graduate Education in Nursing
  • Institute of Nursing
  • Faculty of Postgraduate education
  • Faculty of Pre-University Course

Why First St. Petersburg State Medical University

The university has gained 165th rank among other Russian MBBS universities, and in the world, its rank comes within 5000 world universities. There is a high demand for academic seats in this university.

The education provided is of higher standard and affordable. The university has an outstanding and impressive faculty.

The graduates receive great employment opportunities due to the excellent reputation of the university.

The university provides great opportunities to succeed in scientific research works. It has several research centres such as Centre Medicine, Regional Research Centre of Narcology and Psychopharmacology, and Centre of early phases of clinical trials.


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