Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N Burdenko
Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N Burdenko

Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N Burdenko

About Voronezh State Medical University

Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N Burdenko (VSMU) is one of the leading educational institutes and research center, located in Voronezh, Russia. The RF Government is the founder of VSMU, where the institute was established in 1802 as the department university. It shifted to Voronezh in 1918 and few years later, in 1930, the university had successfully established its medical faculty. Being one of the oldest MBBS universities in Russia, VSMU has acquired a high stature through its achievements in providing standardized education and promoting advanced scientific research. It is one among the top 10 MBBS institutes in Russia. The university offers degree, graduate, postgraduate, and PhD courses in general medicine, pediatrics, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, medico-prophylaxis etc. It also provides internship and residency courses. Medical degrees that are produced by the university are recognized worldwide. VSMU has a perpetual license for enabling teaching in medical field where all the activities are performed based on the Statute.

University Highlights

  • VSMU introduced three faculties of medical education, advance nursing, and pre-university training in 1992. With the gradual expansion of the university, the ministry of education awarded VSMU with the academy status considering its monumental efforts in becoming the largest scientific-educational centre.
  • The university has efficaciously produced more than 40 thousand specialists in the vast field of medical sciences. These include international students from over 56 countries. The university is also listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and is known for its coordination with German Medical Association as well.
  • The academic staff at the university amounts to more than 800 members who have doctorates in their respective fields. These qualified teachers impart education across 7 faculties and 3 educational institutes of the university. There are 78 departments at VSMU.
  • The university infrastructure comprises of all the essential elements. It includes 5 training buildings that are focused on dental clinic and clinical hospital. There are 29 clinical sites, 5 hostels,6 research institutes, central library, central research laboratory, medical care organization and sports facility. The university is equipped with various laboratory complexes dependent on specific subject requirements, and computer classes with internet accessibility.
  • VSMU has formed contractual associations with different universities and medical academies in Europe for higher collaboration and development in the educational realm of medical sciences. Few of these universities are Charite University Medicine of Berlin, Johannes Gutenberg University, Adana, and others.
  • The central library at the university has over 7,00,000 copies of books and academic literature and journals. For students residing in hostels within the campus, medical care facilities are provided where the university affiliated health centre is always available for the medical needs of the students.
  • As scientific research and practical training are widely promoted by the university, VSMU is affiliated with 29 hospitals and several polyclinics. The students undergo training at the clinical sites where new treatment, practice, and preventive methods are developed. They are supervised by healthcare professionals. The students receive exposure at the clinics and the university ensures that they receive all the necessary facilities including canteens at the facilities.
  • The university initiated MBBS education in English for foreign aspirants after 2002. Students from European countries and others such as India, Kenya, Iran, Malaysia, and Pakistan are welcomed to study in VSMU.

Faculties at Voronezh State Medical University

  • Faculty of general medicine
  • Faculty of dentistry
  • Faculty of pediatrics
  • Faculty of pharmacy
  • Faculty of advanced nursing
  • Faculty of post graduate studies
  • Preparatory faculty

University Moto

Voronezh State Medical University strives to meet the dynamic and increasing healthcare demands of the public, while also maintaining the high standard of medical education and research at the university. The university equips all students with essential knowledge on how to solve emerging medical problems and take ethical decisions. VSMU motors the critical thinking competencies of students and streamline their skills and knowledge to make them professionals in their respective study areas.

Why Voronezh State Medical University?

Best teaching and learning practices: The university adopts different teaching methods including traditional forms of teaching through generic lectures and seminars, modern teaching methods using audio and visual semantics, elective course teaching and self-tuition.

Emphasis on student performance: The performance of all students is measured by considering their theoretical and practical skills. The evaluations are drawn through subject examinations, grading tests, and discussion groups.

Student leisure activities: There are extracurricular activities for the students which are organized by the Center for Student Cultural Initiatives at the university. The sports complex comprises of different equipment for fitness activities. It is formed on an area of 2838.2 square meters and includes gym, swimming pool, and designated areas for football, basketball, etc.

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