Zaporozhye State Medical University
Zaporozhye State Medical University

Zaporozhye State Medical University

About Zaporozhye State Medical University

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University (ZSMU) is a medical university in the small city of Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. ZSMU is one of the most established advanced medical education organizations of Ukraine with the best level of accreditation among the medical universities in Ukraine. In 1903, ZSMU began Women Courses at Odessa. In 1959, the college was exchanged from Odessa to Zaporozhye and was renamed to Zaporozhye Pharmaceutical Institute. After ten years in 1969, the name was changed to Zaporozhye Medical Institute. Lastly the organisation got the status of Zaporozhye State Medical University in the year 1994.


ZSMU is ranked 11357 out of 20,000 universities in the world by Webometrics world university ranking and ranked at 8922 out of 11,000 universities in the world by 4icu world university ranking


There are 8 Faculties at the University (Medical Faculty No. 1, Medical Faculty No. 2, Medical Faculty No. 3, two Pharmaceutical Faculties (intramural and extramural), International Faculty No. 1, International Faculty No. 2, Faculty of Postgraduate Education), Medical College and University Clinic for 160 patients and 250 consultations at polyclinic.


Around 10200 student pursue postgraduates, interns, refresher courses, teachers-probationers, masters and clinical residents study at the University. There are more than 2200 foreign students from 40 countries at the University.These students belong to Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.


At ZSMU students acquire knowledge subject to the requirements of the European system of education. The academic curricula are based on the best models of native and foreign practice of specialists' training.


There were 676 lecturers at the University which include 120 Professors and Doctors of Sciences, 444 Associate Professors and PhDs are engaged in scientific-pedagogic work, 46 members of International Academies of Sciences and International Scientific Societies, 8 Honorary Science and Engineering Workers of Ukraine, 1 Honorary worker of Higher School of Ukraine, 4 State Prize Winners, 5 Prize Winners of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences, 1 Prize Winner of National Academy of Sciences and Medical Academy of Sciences , 1 Prize Winner of the President of Ukraine, 2 Prize Winner of the Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine, 3 Honorary Physicians of Ukraine.


Theuniversity has well-developed infrastructure which includeScientific Research Institute and laboratories equipped with unique facilities for conducting fundamental and applied scientific researches,42 computer classrooms with 1300 PCs, own information Internet server; a centre of telemedicine and distance learning.


ZSMU has signed agreements on collaboration with Kirov State Medical Academy, West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University, Andijan State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan), Astana Medical University (Kazakhstan), Karaganda Medical University (Kazakhstan), Aristotle University in Thessaloniki (Greece), St. George University of London (Great Britain), AkakiTsereteli State University (Georgia), David Tvildiany Medical University (Georgia), Wroclaw Medical University (Poland), Palacky University in Olomouc (Czech Republic), the University of Nicosia (Cyprus), I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Russia), Grodno State Medical University (Belarus), R?gaStradi?š University (Latvia), Pyatigorsk Pharmaceutical Institute (Russia), Plovdiv Medical University (Bulgaria), Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Lithuania).


There is an electronic library and electronic catalogue in the scientific library of the University. The users have access to the electronic database of the library and can carry out a search from any computer connected with Internet and get full text-books.


Zaporizhzhia State Medical University has a campus on the picturesque bank of the river Dnieper, the biggest river in Europe. It is a detached territory on which there are 5 academic buildings, 5 hostels, scientific and belletristic literature libraries with reading halls and computer rooms, medical centre, student's sanatorium-dispensary, several canteens and cafes, sports centre, courts and stadium. There is an amateur art club for students who are keen on singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. Ukrainian historical and cultural parties, festivals of international friendship, competition parties are held at ZSMU.


Required Documents for Admission-

  • Original copy of documents about education certified
  • Legalised medical certificate
  • Medical certificate of absence of HIV-infection.
  • 8 photos (3x4 cm).


  • All academic building, hostels, scientific library have access to Internet. There are Wi-Fi access points at the territory of the University.
  • The student campus is under of the University security round-the-clock.
  • The campus and hostels are equipped with the means of video surveillance and control.
  • The University has good sport facilities. There is a unique sport complex at the University which includes track and field athletic sectors, football field, sports grounds for handball, mini-football, volleyball, basketball.
  • The University has three gyms, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a shooting-range, a chess and draught club, a fitness club.
  • It is the first University in Ukraine to start English medium for international students.
  • ZSMU is the first University to invite the parents to visit the campus before the admission during the semester & convocation.

Zaporozhye State Medical University

Established In 1918 | MCI Approved | 6 Years English Medium | Suitable Climate for Indians

Authorised Admission Department For MBBS : +91-96 0604 6955

FEE STRUCTURE TOTAL FEE 1Year TOTAL FEE 2nd- 6th PER YEAR Grand Total (Total Expenses)
PER YEAR $5400 $5400 $32400
The Above Fee Stucture Includes Tution Fee, Hostel Fee & Medical Insurance.
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